Custom Covers

$200 EBOOK


Purchase of stock photos* (Shutterstock or similar, not premium)
1800 x 2700 pixels jpg file for ebook cover (and any smaller sizes you want, in the same dimensions)

* I use a handful of stock photo sites. Of all of the regular ones Shutterstock has the largest inventory. If you have a specific stock photo/model in mind, let me know. I’ll do my best accommodate such request.

There are premium stock sites that provide images not available elsewhere. My favorite is NeoStock. They sell cinematic style photos of men and women in a variety genres. Period Images specializes in models in historical and fantasy costumes with a heavy emphasis on romance. iStock is the most expensive and has no specialization but has decent selection of high quality images you can’t find elsewhere.

If you would like to use photo from one of these premium sites you can either purchase them, or I can buy them and add an extra charge to the invoice. My rate for them per image:

NeoStock: $10.- (Until further notice)
Period images: $8.-
iStock: depends on availability of sales or coupons, maximum $30.-

For legal reasons I work predominantly with stock photos.

Upon request I can provide layered file–image in one layer and text in separate, editable layers.

$25 Print cover add-on

if requested at the same time. The print cover doesn’t have to be finalized at the same time as the ebook. (Clarification and more about print covers below.)

$50 Print cover

if requested at later date.

Final files delivered in upload-ready PDF format.

Whenever possible I’ll do full wraparound cover. Meaning that the scene from the front continues all the way to the back. See samples in the sidebar.

I realize that many authors don’t get around formatting print books until months after publishing the ebook. This is not a problem. I’ll do the print design using a default template that I’ll adjust the size when the client is ready–up to a year after the original design (and possibly longer). Let me know if the book is long, so I can accommodate for the thicker spine in the design.

Full payment ($225) due at the delivery of the the finalized ebook cover. I will adjust the print cover to size whenever you’re ready. Other options are also available. Upon request I can provide a layered version of the print cover with image in one layer and all text in separate, editable layers. Alternately, I can deliver a jpg or pdf verison of the cover with the back and spine left blank.

To finalize a print cover for Createspace I need dimensions, page count, paper color, and back cover copy. This last one generally consists of the blurb but can also include bio, publisher logo, web site address, etc. It doesn’t include the ISBN graphic when using the free ISBN provided by Createspace–they’ll put it there during printing. However, if you’ve purchased your own ISBN I’ll need the pdf version of it.


I’ll ask you to fill out a cover art request form and provide any additional information and art direction you deem necessary. The goal is that I have a good sense of the story and your expectations of the design.
I will deliver design comp(s) for feedback, and will keep adjusting till we arrive to a final design. (Within reasonable limits.)

Payment is due via PayPal upon agreement on but before delivery of final, full size ebook cover.

WhatI don’t do

Illustration. I can’t draw to save my life.

Models in period clothing–other than female medieval fantasy and knights in heavy armor–are usually hard to find, or are available from premium stock sites only. So are decent steampunk images. If your cover models would fit into this category ask me first.

Typography for designs done by somebody else. There’s nothing wrong with the practice, I just don’t enjoy it.

My lead time is often 2-3 months, so plan ahead.


Audio cover add-on done at the same time as book cover: $15

Audio cover add-on done at a later date: $25

Audio cover add-on made using cover done by another designer: $25 and up*

Amazon Boxed 3D Set and iTunes Omnibus graphic bundle: $25

Facebook banner and/or website header add-on (based on book cover): $25

Original website header: $30-100

Minor alterations involving text (e.g. title in foreign language): Free

Substantial alterations after the cover has been finalized: $25 and up*

Converting ebook cover done by another designer into print cover: $25 and up*

Simple Facebook Ad using cover graphic: $15 (will make sure ad won’t violate Fb’s 20% text rule)

Premium Facebook Ad (original scene created with new and reused elements from cover): $35 and up, depending on complexity.

Rush charge: $50

Anything else not listed here: ask

*Alterations can vary widely in complexity and difficulty. I’ll provide a price quote once we agree what needs to be done and how.