Custom Covers

$375 EBOOK & Print

for standalone or first in a series.

$365.- for subsequent covers in the same series (same branding).

Custom photo manipulated cover using stock photos. I’ll provide you with a questionnaire regarding the story, characters, and your expectations of the cover. Additional visual references, like Pinterest boards, are most welcome.

In the initial round I will do rough drafts using low resolution photos. The goal is to pick the right creative path in a time efficient way. Once we picked a direction I start working with full resolution images.

Unlimited stock photos from Shutterstock or similar stock sites are included. (More about stock photos in the FAQ below.)

Four revisions–not counting the initial rough drafts.

Also included: 3D displays and a low resolution text-free version of the cover for promotional purposes. Facebook banner, Facebook ad, and audio cover if requested.

Final files are delivered in 1800 x 2700 pixels jpg file for ebook cover (and any smaller sizes you want, in the same dimensions)

I realize that many authors don’t get around formatting print books until months after publishing the ebook. This is not a problem. I’ll do the print design using a default template that I’ll adjust the size when the client is ready–up to a year after the original design (and possibly longer). Let me know if the book is long, so I can accommodate for the thicker spine in the design. I will adjust the print cover to size whenever you’re ready.

To finalize a print cover for Createspace I need dimensions, page count, paper color, and back cover copy. This last one generally consists of the blurb but can also include bio, publisher logo, web site address, etc. It doesn’t include the ISBN graphic when using the free ISBN provided by Createspace–they’ll put it there during printing. However, if you’ve purchased your own ISBN I’ll need the pdf version of it.


Do you require a deposit?

I ask for a $50.- deposit at the time of scheduling.

How and when do I submit payment?

Payment is due via PayPal upon agreement on but before delivery of final, full size ebook cover.

Do I have to pay extra for stock fees?

I use a handful of stock photo sites. Of all of the regular ones Shutterstock has the largest inventory. If you have a specific stock photo/model in mind, let me know. (I give a $10.- discount if you already have your stock model picked out.) For stocks form other sites there might be and additional fee, especially for premium sites like iStock or Alamy. For others, ask.

For a promotional period the use of one photo per cover from NeoStock is also included. (Neostock sell cinematic style photos of men and women in a variety genres.)

By ordering a cover from me, you agree to abide by the stock photo site’s licensing terms.

Are there any restrictions on stock photos?

All stock photo sites have their own licensing terms. You can find Shutterstock’s here,  and Neostock’s here.

Keep in mind if you sell over 500,000 copies, you need to buy extended license for the stock photos used on the cover.

Will you send multiple design concepts?

I usually do in the initial stage. However, depending on the design brief, one or two might suffice.

Do you have limit on revisions?

There is a limit of four revisions. If revisions go above that number we may need to address additional fees. I will not count minor and easily executed changes, like “move the figure five pixels to the left,” unless there are an excessive amount of them.

How long does the design process take?

This highly depends on complexity of project and speed of communication. Allow 1-2 weeks from start to finish.

Do I have to credit you in my book?

You don’t have to but I highly appreciate it. Something simple as “Cover Design by Lou Harper,” would do.

What is your refund / cancellation policy?

If I haven’t started working on the cover yet you can cancel and I will issue a refund. No refund if I already started working on the cover.

What are your licensing rights?

You can find them here.


(These mostly apply to covers done at an old rate)

Audio cover add-on done at the same time as book cover: $15

Audio cover add-on done at a later date: $25

Audio cover add-on made using cover done by another designer: $25 and up*

Amazon Boxed 3D Set and iTunes Omnibus graphic bundle: $25

Facebook banner and/or website header add-on (based on book cover): $25

Original website header: $30-100

Minor alterations involving text (e.g. title in foreign language): Free

Substantial alterations after the cover has been finalized: $25 and up*

Converting ebook cover done by another designer into print cover: $25 and up*

Simple Facebook Ad using cover graphic: $15 (will make sure ad won’t violate Fb’s 20% text rule)

Premium Facebook Ad (original scene created with new and reused elements from cover): $35 and up, depending on complexity.

Rush charge: $50

Anything else not listed here: ask

*Alterations can vary widely in complexity and difficulty. I’ll provide a price quote once we agree what needs to be done and how.